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Three Whoa's: A Meditation on Creators

Leaders Manage Transitions

Sufficiently Decentralized Social Media

MVP's: What are You Trying to Do?

Freedom and Systems

My Startup is Funded

Users are Birds

Customer Service: A Framework for Tech Founders and Life

Fascination and Obsession

Stasis is Impossible

DeFi and the Future of Commerce

Eyeball Streams

Tailwinds not Headwinds

Pareto vs Precision Problems



Veteran Imposter Syndrome

Black Boxes

Commander's Intent

What Does Learning Feel Like?

Are you Chopping Wood or Laying Bricks?

3 Things To Make You More Effective Right Meow

Harvard Business School: A Veteran in Tech's Reflection

Why Clever People Should Lift

How to Who Podcast Appearance

Seriously, What is a Blockchain?

The Big Picture Crypto Starter Kit

The Perniciousness of Infinite Loss

Nobody Ever Asked a Leader to Do Just One Thing

The Returns to Volatility

Philosophy in Short Form

Optimal Reflection Conditions

How to Publish 31 Essays in 31 Days

Another Quick Story on Failure

Tools for your Founder Toolbox: The Meeting Filter

A Quick Story on Failure

The Danger in Loving What You Do

The Three Enduring Product Strategies

Optimism and Pessimism

Your 1% Better Needs to Scale

First Principles for Team Building

The Pragmatic Founder's Axiom

Productive Procrastination

US CBDCs: An Analysis of the January 2022 Fed Report

Communication and Entropy


Tools for your Founder Toolbox: The Eisenhower Matrix

A Simple Leadership Framework for Tech Founders

Tools for your Founder Toolbox: Backbriefs

Specific Naiveté and General Competence

Explore and Exploit

5 Lessons about Metrics from Amazon

Characteristics of the Offense

The Bitcoin Whitepaper: A Guided Meditation


61 Lessons from Amazon Finance

Public Speaking and Panic

Incentive Structures

Pre-Optimizing your Life

wtf is web3?

Invisible Lines

The Outsider Paradox

How to Not Quit Crypto like Immediately

30 Days of Stream of Consciousness