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I like thinking about a lot of different things and I’ll eventually write about most of them.

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Wysr by Cameron Armstrong
I Didn't Read 17 Books So You Don't Have To 😩
I used ChatGPT to distill lessons from a bunch of books I didn’t read and it worked pretty great actually Andresson Horowitz’s Crypto Team published a reading list on Farcaster the other day. It has 17 books on it. I’ve read a few of them already, thoroughly enjoyed those, and eventually want…
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Wysr by Cameron Armstrong
How do you become…you? Or rather the version you want to be (warning idfk) The fabric of the universe hit me with a dense thwap last week. My neck whipsawed back and my brain slushed around in its slippery juices like the bar of soap you tried to launch up the halfpipe of your childhood bathtub…
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Wysr by Cameron Armstrong
Three Whoa's: A Meditation on Creators
Creators Now Command Attention on a Scale Unprecedented in Human History and They’re Only Going to Get More Powerful If you could have heard my inner monologue over the past few months (or had the misfortune of being in my business and tech chat rotation), you would have heard the term Creator bou…
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I’ve also written about leadership, volatility, infinite loss, product thinking, communication, Bitcoin, how to start hot streaks, and failure.

I hope these add value to your day!

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